• With Stor'eat connected storage containers, you will love to cook!

    Less wastes, more savings, for a more responsible consumption!

  • Our different sizes of boxes

    Box - Size XS


    Box - Size S


    Box - Size M


    Box - Size L


    Box with compartments

    Size M


    Box with compartments

    Size L


    Set of 3 boxes

    Size XS, S and M

    Set of 4 boxes

    Size XS, S, M and L

  • The advantages of our boxes


    Borosilicate glass : the boxes resist extreme temperatures (-4°F/-20°C +752°F/+400°C) and can go directly from the freezer to the oven as well as from the refrigerator to the microwave.


    This system of detachable handles is more resistant and robust
    than lids with tabs.

    #Save place

    The handles can be removed to easily stack both boxes and lids,
    and to save space in the cupboard.


    Each size box corresponds to a specific color of handle to help you tell them apart at a glance.


    The handles and silicone seal make them leak-proof for excellent
    preservation and risk-free transportation.




    QR codes on the handles give access to the stor’eat application
    for logging the boxes and their contents’ expiration dates.


    Automatic notifications can then remind you that it is time to eat what is in a certain box. No more waste!


  • Care & Use

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